1,000,000 Miles Away2008: A Space Audacity2 Different Girls
A Blast from the PastA Million Ways to Lose a Million DollarsA Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
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Aftermath III: Studio RoyaleAftermath IV: FoilsAftermath V: I Can See Fearfully Now
Aftermath VI: Hawaiian Waterfall RideAlejandroAlejandro/All-Stars
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Brute CampCa-NoodlingCameron
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Capture the HatchetChinese FoolsCliffdiver
Close Disasters of the Dramatic KindCodyCody and Gwen
Confessions of a Lone Goth TeenContestant appearance tableCourtney
Courtney/All-StarsCourtney and DuncanCry Me a Beach
Cut to the CaseDJDakota
Dare to Be DisgustingDarjeel With ItDave
DawnDeep In-pactDouble The Trouble
Down and OutbackDrama Bowl IDude Buggies
DuncanDuncan/All-StarsEl Bunny Supremo
EliminationEllaElla UnEnchanted
EvaEvil DreadEvil Dread/Transcript
EzekielFight to Bear Tri-ArmsFinal Drama-nation
Finalists of the Hurt-ibbeanFleeing on a Bullet TrainFlu-gerlied
Food FrightFood Fright/TranscriptFrench is an Eiffel Language
GeoffGo the Greece-tanceGot Venom
Hawaiian HoneyruinHeatherHeather/All-Stars
Hello and DubaiHeroes vs. VillainsHeroes vs. Villains/Transcript
Heroic HamstersHide and ShriekHooray for Hollywood
How Deep is Your Love?HowlHurl and Go Seek
I Love Ridonc & RollI Love You, I Love You KnotsI See Lava
IdentifyIsland Chef WawanakwaItaly Bell
Keeping Up with the CastmatesKiller BassKiller Grips
Kung Fu Pain-daLa Tour de IsleLast Tango in Buenos Aires
LeonardLeshawnaLies, Cries and One Big Prize
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Lord of the Ring TossMama Ma' Ohi ManiaMaori or Less
MaxMediterranean Homesick BluesMike
Mike's alternate personalitiesMike/All-StarsMinimind
Mistrust in MeMo Monkey Mo ProblemsMoon Madness
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New York Is Not A WomanNiagara BrawlsNo Brains Attached
No One Eggspects the Spanish OppositionNo One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition/TranscriptNoah
None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2O Saboteur, Who Art Thou?
OwenPahk'd With TalentPahkitew Idol
Paintball Deer HunterPass the Greased PigsPhobia Factor
Picnic at Hanging NerdPimâpotew KinosewakPrepare for Pahkitew
Sam/All-StarsSameySaving Private Leechball
Saving Private Leechball/TranscriptScarlettScarlett Fever
ScottScott/All-StarsScream Teens
Screaming GaffersScreaming GophersShawn
Shawshank Ridonc-tionSierraSierra/All-Stars
Silence of the SasquatchanakwasSing Like an EgyptianSky
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StaciSuckers PunchedSuckers Punched/Transcript
SugarSundae Muddy SundaeSurfin' Jamaica
Survival of the CraziestTeam AmazonTeam Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Team VictoryTeenhunterThe Bold and the Booty-ful
The CrudesThe Fast and the FiercenessThe Final Wreck-ening
The Lone DangerThe McLean CodeThe Not-So-Great Outdoors
The Obsta-Kill KourseThe Ole SwitcherooThe Revengers
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