Sing Like an Egyptian
Season 3, Episode 2
Airdate TBA 2014
Title reference Walk Like an Egyptian
Song(s) Flyin' Time
Egyptian Time
Location Egypt
Challenge(s) Venture into the pyramids and bring back an Egyptian artifact; navigate the desert and cross the Nile River
Reward(s) A camel; First-class seats to the next destination
Winner(s) Team Victory
Episode guide
"Aftermath IV: Foils"
"Italy Bell"

Seventeen contestants (and one nagging intern) arrive for the third season of Total Drama. In the end, one is eliminated, but due to a sadistic twist is transferred onto another team.


Act IEdit

Act IIEdit



  • Cody received no votes.
  • Courtney received one vote from Gwen.
  • Duncan received two votes from himself and Cody.
  • Gwen received one vote from Sierra.
  • Heather received one vote from Courtney.
  • Sierra received one vote from Heather.


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